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Our Strengths
  • Experienced staff
    • With professional permanent staff and a network of experts who can join project teams as required, Green Waste clients benefit from dealing with experts who think outside the square’ to meet required outcomes.

    • Customised solutions

    • Acknowledging that each project involves a unique set of issues, Green Waste staff have developed the technical expertise to respond creatively and efficiently to each client’s specific needs. Proven project management systems and a record of quality delivery result in efficient, effective and reliable solutions that save clients both time and money.

  • Integrated services

    • Green Waste offers clients completely integrated services, from planning, design and engineering through to construction, operations and maintenance. With professional staff available for consultation at each step of the process, service is fast, efficient and provided at a single contact point.

  • Project management

    • At Green Waste, staff work together to analyse, plan and organise all aspects of a job, and to identify issues before they become potential problems. An integrated project management team organises and manages the full range of services necessary to oversee project demands, from the initial feasibility and planning phase through to construction and operations.

  • Operations & maintenance

    • Green Waste’s operations and maintenance services are targeted towards achieving the best possible outcomes, reducing costs and maximising efficiency. Simultaneous treatment and removal of waste ensures fast turnaround on every project. Every facet of the business is regularly analysed, with a focus on making improvements wherever possible.

  • Caring for the environment

    • Protecting the environment is an issue for communities around the world, and Green Waste works to ensure that environmental considerations are part of every feasibility and project plan. Monitoring continues throughout the life of each project. With turn-key mobile waste management system available, compliance to environmental laws can be met on site, on time and on budget. And the methods employed by Green Waste experts ensure waste reduction, cleaner production, re-use, recovery, recycling and re-assignment of waste.