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Rippon Lea Estate: New Photos  

Case Study


stately home and gardens, Melbourne, Australia


Significantly increasing the storage capacity of a lake, including a de-watering process that eliminated removal of liquid sludge from the site and reduced sludge volume by 8 10 times.

Incitec: Pivot New Photos and Case Study   Case Study


fertiliser manufacturer, Geelong, Australia


Facilitating total product recovery and treatment of effluent to allow discharge into the environment.

Mardec Berhad:      

rubber processor, Gresik, Malaysia


Achieving zero discharge by treating effluent to permit re-use of treated water in the processing stage. Additionally, solids were utilised as a soil conditioner for the rubber plantation.

Oacianic Knitters: New Photos     Photo's

textile mill, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka


Treating wastewater to remove colour and other contaminants to permit discharge into the environment

Initiating Explosives Systems: New Photos    


ammunition manufacturer, Melbourne, Australia


Removing volatile sludge, de-watering and effluent treatment under hazardous conditions.

CIC PVA: Factory      

chemical adhesive manufacturer, Ratlamana, Sri Lanka

Replacing inefficient effluent treatment with a new process under a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) arrangement. The new plant reduces the size of the treatment area by 50%.      
Royal Botanic Gardens: New Photos     Photo's

world-famous gardens, Melbourne, Australia


Removing and de-watering sludge and silt from the main lake to increase capacity and prevent the growth of blue green algae